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Popular Standards

Please note that TTBS cashier hours are from 8:00am-3:00pm and no payment for standards would be accepted after 3:00pm.

TTS 171: PART 1: 2002/AMD 1: 2007 TRINIDAD AND TOBAGO ELECTRICAL WIRING CODE LOW VOLTAGE INSTALLATION – PART 1 Lays down requirements for the installation, inspection, testing and maintenance of electrical wiring at voltages up to 600 Volts, to ensure, safety, especially from fire and electrical shock. Installation operated by statutory supply authorities for generation and distribution of electrical power are not within the scope of this standard. Includes Amendment to the Clause 5.28 Colour Coding of TTS 171: Part 1: 2002 Trinidad and Tobago Electrical Wiring Code: Part 1 Low Voltage Installations.

Price: $150.00TT


TTS 171: PART 2: 2002 TRINIDAD AND TOBAGO ELECTRICAL WIRING CODE HIGH VOLTAGE INSTALLATION – PART 2 Specifies requirements for the installation, inspection, testing and maintenance of electrical wiring at voltages in excess of 1000 Volts.

Price: $200.00TT


TTS 611: 2008 WORKPLACE DESIGN – LIGHTING OF INDOOR WORK PLACES – SPECIFICATION Specifies the requirements for lighting of indoor workplaces, libraries and offices. It also specifies the requirements for adequate lighting design, use and maintenance for people to perform visual tasks efficiently, in comfort and safety. This standard does not explain how lighting systems or techniques should be designed to optimise solutions for specific work places.

Price: $300.00TT


TTS 612: 2008 PPE – INDUSTRIAL SAFETY HELMETS – SPECIFICATION This standard contains specifications for industrial safety helmets that are manufactured, imported or distributed in Trinidad and Tobago. Included in these specifications are physical, performance, testing and marking requirements. This standard applies to all helmets intended for use in industrial applications where head hazards exist. It does not apply to protective head devices used in fire-fighting, military, sporting or defence operations.

Price: $150.00TT


TTS 620: 2008 OCCUPATIONAL SAFETY AND HEALTH RISK ASSESSMENT – REQUIREMENTS This standard provides the basic requirements for conducting occupational safety and health risk assessments in workplaces such as in commercial establishments and in light to medium industrial and service sectors. The standard provides a systematic approach and guidelines for qualitative occupational safety and health risk assessments in the workplace. NOTE: The risk assessment is intended to determine the potential for harm to workers and other persons due to activities and conditions at the workplace, and to develop appropriate control measures to eliminate these safety and health risks or to reduce them to tolerable risk levels.

Price: $150.00TT


TTS 621: 2007 REQUIREMENTS FOR CONTRACTOR SAFETY MANAGEMENT SYSTEM This standard gives detail of accepted safe industrial practices and outlines the minimum safety and health requirements to be completed with by all contractors in Trinidad and Tobago before the commencement of work.

Price: $175.00TT


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