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Metrology's Popular links

Metrology's Contact

Metrology's Contact

  • Tel: (868) 662-8827
  • Standards Laboratory Unit: Ext 215
  • Calibration Service Unit:
  • Ext 156, 164, 214
  • Legal Metrology Inspectorate: Ext 110

Metrology Division

Weighbridge & Balance/Scale Operators Training Course

Posted on May 24th, 2016 - By admin - 0 Comments

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World Metrology Day 2016

Posted on May 20th, 2016 - By admin - 0 Comments

Measurements in a Dynamic World. In December 2015, TTBS entered into an agreement with the University of the West Indies, Physics Department to…

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Requirements for Applying for Pattern Approval

Posted on Apr 26th, 2016 - By admin - 0 Comments

Section 21(d) of the Metrology Act No.18 of 2004 and the Metrology Regulations, 2015 has mandated the Legal Metrology Inspectorate of the Bureau to…

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TTBS Partners with NGC CNG Towards Accurate Fuel Measurements

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In keeping with its mandate geared towards promoting standards and quality, the Metrology Division of the Trinidad and Tobago Bureau of Standards…

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Metrology Division is Closed for the Holidays

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The Metrology Division

The Metrology Division was established in September, 2006, to develop the infrastructure for the implementation of the Metrology Act No. 18 of 2004, together with the Metrology Regulations and Quantities of Goods Regulations.

The Metrology Act was assented to in both houses of Parliament in 2004 and was proclaimed in May, 2015. This legislation addresses issues fundamental to measurement in Trinidad and Tobago. Measurement provides structure, removes chaos, reduces waste, ensures open and fair markets, supports precision where required, and saves lives, money and time.

Upon proclamation of the Act, the International System of Units (SI) became the primary system of measurement in Trinidad and Tobago and the basis upon which all units of measurement are determined.

The Metrology Division comprises three units:

Prior to September 2006, calibrations were conducted under the Metrology Section of the Laboratory Services Division, but this activity is now under the ambit of the fully fledged Metrology Division.

The CSU performs calibrations in the disciplines of: Mass (weights and weighing machines), Electrical, Time, Length, Pressure, Temperature, Humidity, Volume, and Torque.  Calibration for weights up to 20 kg is accredited by the United Kingdom Accreditation Service (UKAS) to ISO/IEC 17025 and for liquid in glass thermometers and temperature indicators in the range -20 °C to 250 °C.

The SLU has the responsibility for the establishment and maintenance of National Measurement Standards. It oversees research and development of measurement systems and dissemination of traceability of National Measurement Standards. Traceability must be established for all units of the SI system for measurements conducted locally.

The LMI is the enforcement arm of the Metrology Division with the responsibility for ensuring that measurements related to trade are accurate, fair and legal. This includes the examination and approval of weighing and measuring devices to be used for trade and ensuring the quantities of goods including pre-packaged goods are accurate.

Tel: (868) 662-8827
Fax: (868) 663-4335

Standards Laboratory Unit
Ext 215
Calibration Service Unit
Ext 156, 164, 214

Legal Metrology Inspectorate
Ext 110

You may also email the Metrology Division and its Units at:


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Tel: (868) 662-8827
Fax: (868) 663-4335

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